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DryExx GF

New Lubricant For Bottling Plants Cuts Water Use by 80 Percent

Ecolab introduces DryExx GF, a new conveyor lubricant specially designed for use with glass bottles on steel conveyor belts. DryExx GF saves up to 80 percent of the water used when compared to traditional wet lubricants but still achieves the highest possible hygiene levels and does not compromise efficiency.

The innovative DryExx formula contains an active lubricating substance which creates a protective film on the belts.

"The introduction of DryExx GF once again demonstrates Ecolab's leadership in the field of innovative conveyor lubrication technologies and our focus on helping our customers run more sustainable operations," said Andreas Weilinghoff, general manager of Ecolab Food & Beverage in Europe. "The use of dry lubricants combines the highest possible water savings with hygienic and efficient technology - all cornerstone features of Ecolab's products within this industry."


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