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Fine Chemical Manufacturing

The fine chemical industry has a wide range of specific cleaning needs driven by a complex range of raw materials, as used in modern day production. Ecolab offers a wide range of cleaning solutions, products and procedures that will help optimize the cleaning process with relation to process efficiency and cost advantages. Ecolab has a clear understanding of the changing economic challengers facing this industry. It’s with this that we have developed our experience in helping customers to switch from solvents to aqueous cleaning solutions. Ecolab provides specific hygiene recommendations for specific production processes used.

  • Experience in the replacement of solvent cleaning with ecologically sound alternatives
  • Cleaning of excipients like polyacrylate and modified carbohydrates as well as oils and thickeners and removal of odors
  • Laboratory cleaning trials on your specific formulations to offer the best cleaning plan
  • Expertise in industry knowledge to deliver optimized cleaning procedures, CIP auditing and trouble shooting
  • Training in hygiene methodology and techniques
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