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Original Equipment Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers

for the Food & Beverage Industry

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, you have the responsibility to provide your customers the best possible advice with respect to effective cleaning and sanitation regimes for the equipment that they have bought. The optimal and continued performance of your equipment is heavily dependent on the final design and a valid hygiene procedure. Hygienic design, compatibility with sanitation chemicals and the general ability to clean the equipment are key factors that will ultimately determine the level of customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Cooperating with international equipment manufacturers and consultants is a key element for Ecolab in the design and implementation of successful cleaning programs. Ecolab is actively engaged with OEM’s around the world, providing support and consultancy with respect to design criteria and the compatibility of hygiene chemicals and their proper use. We deliver automated dosing, distribution and storage components to complement a processing plant system, and we can design specific hygiene procedures to support the cleaning and disinfection of a specific piece of equipment. Working with Ecolab provides tangible and long-term benefits both for the equipment manufacturer and the end customer:

  • In-house engineering capacity and material compatibility labs
  • World-wide Field Service and Support specialists
  • Best-in-class R&D teams and facilities
  • Process intimacy with over 80 years of experience
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