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Ready to Eat and Foodstuff Manufacturing

Ready-to-Eat food manufacture is a complex production environment incorporating automated and manual processes combining a wide range of ingredients of different sensitivities from a variety of sources. This complexity, the frequent line changes and the production of multiple finished products using the same process equipment bring with them the significant risk of cross-contamination by flavors, colors, allergens and microorganisms.

Stringent control and well practiced procedures are crucial to maintain established quality and food safety standards and prevent cross-contamination. Any breach of these standards can have costly implications from a compromise in shelf life to full product recall and damage to brand integrity.

Ecolab provides the Food Industry with individual tailored programs. From Hygiene Gap Identification; through products and systems for Personnel Hygiene, Open Surface Hygiene, Food Surface Treatments and Hygiene Monitoring; to a unique Hygiene Management System which tracks all hygiene interventions within a single facility or across an entire company; Ecolab supports compliance and maintains the necessary standards. Our customers benefit from:

  • The most comprehensive suite of cleaning and disinfection products available
  • Innovative and value-driven solutions for all Food Processing sectors
  • Tailored Management and Procedural regimes
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