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Meat and Poultry Processing / Packing

Consumer demands for quality and safety and increasing regulatory intervention continue to challenge the protein industry. Meat and poultry processors and packers are faced with a large number of critical process areas and require a vigilant control regime from the arrival of animals to the final packing of the product. Safeguarding the integrity of a product is therefore one of the most demanding responsibilities, and, whether as a primary or secondary processor or in a low care or high care processing environment, hygiene is the determining factor.

Ecolab is committed to provide the Meat & Poultry industry with a comprehensive and efficient hygiene quality management program. Ecolab delivers individual programs that encompass Hygiene Gap Identification, Personnel Hygiene and Access Control, innovative Open Surface Hygiene equipment and chemistry, specialty Food Surface Treatment products, Hygiene Monitoring and a unique Hygiene Management System that tracks and reports on all hygiene interventions within a facility or across an entire company. Our customers benefit from:

  • The most comprehensive suite of cleaning and disinfection products available
  • Innovative and value-driven solutions for all Food Processing sectors
  • Tailored Management and Procedural regimes
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