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Fruit and Vegetable Processing

During processing, perishable fruits and vegetables are susceptible to the risk of cross-contamination with spoilage and pathogenic microbes. These risks are of increasing public concern and if something goes wrong it is quickly publicised. The protection of fresh-cut, further processed post harvest fruits and vegetables from microbial contamination is therefore of paramount importance.

In addition, seasonal peaks require reliable equipment to ensure a consistent process flow. Scaling or corrosion of processing equipment results in reduced productivity and has a significant financial impact.

Ecolab has focused its R&D resources on the Fruit & Vegetable Processing industry and has developed efficient hygiene solutions that ensure safe processes. These developments include the treatment of Flume and Dipping Water Systems, Hygiene Monitoring and control systems and a unique Hygiene Management System that tracks and reports on all hygiene interventions within a facility or across an entire company. These developments result in:

  • Improved food and worker safety
  • Environmentally and ecologically responsible solutions
  • Increased shelf life and reduced spoilage
  • A reduction in Water and Energy usage
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