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Fisheries and Fish Processing

Fish is a multifaceted protein product that requires specific expertise and multiple processing steps, many of which are still manual. The production environment is equally diverse – fish factories at sea, small fish farms producing specialty products or complex processing and curing plants. The production process, however, demands vigilance for it hides many risks. Safeguarding the integrity of a product is therefore one of the most demanding responsibilities, and, whether as a primary or secondary processor or in a low care or high care processing environment, hygiene is the determining factor.

Ecolab’s Fish and Seafood Hygiene Management program supports you in identifying the appropriate hygiene procedures along this complex process chain. At sea or in the plant around the corner, our innovative programs deliver:

  • Improved food and worker safety
  • Environmentally and ecologically responsible solutions
  • Increased shelf life and reduced spoilage
  • A reduction in dependance on water additives
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