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Dried Goods and Bakery Production

Maintaining optimal hygiene levels in dry processing areas is a real challenge. Closed production cycles and moisture-sensitive processing areas often hamper frequent cleaning. Even so, cleaning is needed since humidity generated during the production process may cause mould-infestation in closed systems. Thus, the cleaning and disinfection of equipment used to process sensitive ingredients require the use of specialized materials and technologies in lieu of aqueous chemistry. In addition, manufacturers of dried and baked goods are required to maintain high standards of hygiene and appearance for the containers and boxes used to transport products between plant and retail outlet.

Ecolab provides the Dried Goods and Bakery Industry with efficient and safe cleaning solutions. Our innovative Plant Hygiene solutions connect directly to our Personnel Hygiene and Tunnel-Washing concepts. Our Non-Aqueous (Dry) Cleaning technologies provide individually adaptable solutions for even the most difficult situation. The result:

  • A combination of proven technologies, applied chemistry and know-how
  • Innovative, non-aqueous cleaning solutions
  • Industrial solutions sized to even the smallest bake house or shop
  • Specialized hot-surface treatments and cleaning procedures
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