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Food Processing

Food Processing is a diverse sector which extends from the primary processing of meats to the more complex, high care areas of Ready-to-Eat and partially prepared convenience meals. The Food market is very much local and reflects not only local tastes and specialties but also ethnic diversity, novel products and shelf life challenges. Product development is rapid and sometimes short-lived, leading to a high number of new introductions and process complexity. New lines, faster and more flexible production methods, more effective supply chain interaction and exacting legislation put a huge demand on the processors quality assurance procedures. This breadth of different processes conceals a risk potential that is extremely arduous and requires stringent safety standards and regulated procedures. All food processors have a legal responsibility to produce food that is wholesome, of the required quality and safe to eat. Good management and control at each and every site is therefore essential to ensure that all factors contributing to Food Safety are operating consistently and effectively.

This level of complexity and diversity requires a Hygiene Partner of integrity – a recognized and dependable partner such as Ecolab. We have embraced this responsibility and have continually developed a wealth of programs and services that deliver consistent Food Safety wherever the production site may be throughout the world. From the time an employee enters the plant through a Hygiene Sluice, we

  • facilitate conformance to internal and statutory quality and safety standards
  • ensure environmental and personal hygiene procedures
  • provide a continuous level of innovation to meet changing requirements
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