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Dairy Product Manufacturing
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Dairy Product Manufacturing

Dairy processors are producing a wide range of products with different hygiene needs and challenges from UHT liquid milk to sophisticated probiotic yoghurt based drinks (mix products, ice cream, desserts, cheese). Many of the processes in this segment consume significant quantities of utilities, and therefore cost control and optimization are of major importance.

Ecolab’s solutions help you to effectively clean and sanitize all types of processing machines using sophisticated, computerized dispensing equipment combined with products and systems designed to meet the specific needs of the dairy industry.

Ecolab also designs bespoke solutions to address critical processes and operational issues such as Water and Energy Management, Chemical Usage and Storage and Effluent Treatment. Our customers benefit from:

  • The most comprehensive suite of cleaning and disinfection products available
  • Innovative and value-driven solutions
  • Tailored Management and Procedural regimes
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