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The markets Ecolab serves encompass a wide array of cleaning and sanitation needs all over the world.

Industries & Markets served

The markets Ecolab serves encompass a wide array of cleaning and sanitation needs all over the world. While each of our distinct businesses focuses on specific products and services, all work together across divisional markets and geographic boundaries to provide solutions and services to our customers.

For our diverse customer groups across the globe, we provide a comprehensive range of cleaning and sanitation solutions – from cleaning glassware to eliminating pests to disinfecting an operating table, the scope of our business is extensive. You will encounter Ecolab in the provision of sanitation expertise from Farm to Fork in manufacturing plants of the most well-known brand names in Food and Beverage. We ensure Hygiene in Balance as well as patient well-being in Healthcare facilities and guest satisfaction in hotels with 360° of Protection. Whether you are involved in contract cleaning, catering, textile leasing or commercial laundries or any other business that relies on professional sanitation results, Ecolab is the company of choice for sustainable solutions.

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Beverage Production and Brewing

The Beverage sector, a truly Global Market, is dominated by large, multi-national companies with internationally recognized and valued brands. Although this largely holds...

Buildings & Facilities

Providing comprehensive care for places people depend on – ensuring clean, safe and comfortable environments for everyone in your facility.


Setting Sustainable Standards: That is the credo of our 400-strong team of laundry experts, providing innovative solutions for the laundry industry.

Dairy Product Manufacturing

Ecolab’s solutions help you to effectively clean and sanitize all types of processing machines using sophisticated, computerized dispensing equipment combined with...

Food Processing

Food Processing is a diverse sector which extends from the primary processing of meats to the more complex, high care areas of Ready-to-Eat and partially prepared...


Ensuring guest satisfaction and enhancing your brand through solutions that protect food safety, improve efficiency and deliver exceptional clean throughout your...

Lodging / Hospitality

Choosing Ecolab as your partner, you will have all the right products, systems, training and service at your disposal to help you in those areas your operation’s success...

Original Equipment Manufacturers

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, you have the responsibility to provide your customers the best possible advice with respect to effective cleaning and sanitation...

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Biotechnology and Fine Chemicals

The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Biotechnology and Fine Chemicals industries provide specific cleaning and sanitation challenges that require equally specific expertise.
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