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Water Care

Water is one of the most important and valuable natural resources in the Food & Beverage industry. It is an ingredient, a process aid and a utility. Its attributes influence the quality of the end product, the efficiency of the plant and, ultimately, Product Safety. Thus, water quality directly impacts brand value.

Recognizing that water is not only a critical factor in process efficiency but also more and more a scarce resource, Ecolab has used its accumulated process knowledge from numerous industries to develop a comprehensive range of supporting programs, driven by quality and cost management considerations. This allows us to supplement world class cleaning and sanitation regimes with tailored, water-based programs. Our comprehensive Water Treatment solutions combine custom-made chemistry with equipment and value-added services to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Boiler Water in Food and Beverage

Cooling Water in Food and Beverage

Process Water in Food and Beverage

Drinking Water Hygiene on Farms

Water and Energy Management in Laundry


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