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Tunnel Washing

In a modern plant, operational efficiency is crucial. Total operational efficiency relies on each component within the process to run at maximum speed with minimal interruption. Moreover, increasing demands on product quality and safety are also affecting the crates and product containers used in many industries for storage, transport or display – a crate, just like a business card, reflects your company’s image to your customers. Thus, the use of unhygienic crates, trays and even forms will project a negative product quality and ultimately effect brand reputation.

Ecolab is committed to providing a total solution for the hygiene management and control of crates, trays and forms. We assess the specific requirements and conditions in a plant and provide the proper tools to diagnose and analyze the situation. Once the issues have been identified, they can be resolved – optimizing your cleaning processes and your Water and Energy consumption at the same time.


Cheese Moulds

Chocolate Moulds

Crates and Trays in Food Processing

Crates in Beverage, Brewing and Dairy Production

Laundry Solutions

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