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Ecolab maintains a wide range of disinfection products covering all applications e.g. CIP, COP and manual application which are suitable for use in Food, Dairy and Beverage Processing. Products are in compliance with National and International Regulations and are registered with bodies such as DEFRA and also many Retailer and Industry accreditation systems.

Disinfection of food contact surfaces is a key step in all plant hygiene programs within Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) as required by Council Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 and 853/2004. The use and application of disinfectants is controlled by a number of specific pieces of legislation such as The Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR) and a number of Industry wide Codes of Practice such as The British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard V5.

Disinfection performance, the final step in a hygiene program, is dependant on a number of variables:

  • The effectiveness of the preceding steps in cleaning program
  • The method and effectiveness of the product application
  • The choice of the disinfectant used
  • The post disinfection activities in the plant that can lead to recontamination
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