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Personnel and Work Environment Hygiene

In the Food & Beverage industry, Food Safety is given ultimate priority. Food Safety marks the culmination of multiple hygiene interventions, all managed professionally and consistently. Food Safety is not negotiable.

The effective management of personnel hygiene is a critical component to Food Safety. Owing to the fact that the amount of physical interaction is so abundant, it is possibly the most critical hygiene intervention in a production environment. The transmission of pathogens from a human carrier is more likely than any other form of cross contamination.

Our range includes functional and efficient hygiene sluices which combine hand washing, disinfection and boot cleaning with an entry control mechanism. We offer complementing wall dispensers that allow economical and precise dosing of a wide range of hand cleaning, hand disinfection and hand care products to meet the requirements of different production environments.

Ecolab’s plant hygiene programs are geared toward the highest standards of Food Safety possible. We analyze, consult, present and deliver. Our programs are designed by professionals for professionals and encompass the most comprehensive range of applications in the industry. With Ecolab as your partner, you have access to a combination of proven technologies, applied chemistry and unsurpassed expertise, built and developed specifically for the Food & Beverage industries.

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