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Open Surface Hygiene

The Food production environment presents a significant challenge to hygiene. It involves a variety of processes and equipment generating a range of complex soils. After production, the exterior surfaces of the production equipment, the production environment and food contact surfaces all need to be cleaned and disinfected prior to restarting production. This is commonly achieved using low pressure foaming equipment and the appropriate detergents and disinfectants. 

Success or failure however depends on the proper combination of specifically formulated products and the right application equipment working together in an effective hygiene process, supported by training and documentation. 

It is exactly this combination that gave rise to Ecolab’s reputation as a leading authority in this field. Our coordinated approach encompasses Hygiene Gap Identification, Personnel Hygiene and Access Control, innovative Open Surface Hygiene equipment and chemistry, Hygiene Monitoring and Control products and a unique Hygiene Management System that tracks and reports on all hygiene interventions within a facility or across an entire company – a combination that guarantees to deliver highest Hygiene standards and production efficiency.


Foam Cleaning Compounds

Low-pressure Foaming Equipment

Intermediate Cleaning

Non-aqueous Surface Cleaning

Cutting Tool Treatment

Vehicle Hygiene

Hygiene Monitoring

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