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Membrane Treatment

Today’s demands on membrane systems are challenging. Many new application areas have been realized recently, and filtration has has certainly become a fast-moving domain. The flood of new applications, however, requires a suite of comprehensive cleaning solutions, tailored to individual processes. A successful filtration processes is, of course, contingent on a consistent throughput; an effective and carefully chosen cleaning regime is therefore essential to maximize membrane life and minimize premature replacement. Proper cleaning procedures directly affect productivity and production costs.

Ecolab’s Ultrasil range of products has become synonymous with the “Best in Class” cleaners for all types of filtration applications. We have continually developed a range of specialized cleaners and established a knowledge base second to none in the world. We have partnered with key Membrane manufacturers throughout the world to ensure optimal cleaning procedures and to build on each other expertise.


Beverage Production


Dairy Manufacturing

Food Processing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Cosmetics and Biotechnology

Other Markets

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