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With EcoChexx.Net, Ecolab offers an innovative software suite that will raise Product Safety through advanced Quality and Hygiene Management. The system improves the compliance to quality standards, thereby increasing operational efficiency, quality and safety.

The interactive, web-based software suite effectively and efficiently organizes and documents activities and hygiene tasks in a food production environment. Any process-related task can be scheduled, assigned, signed-off, evaluated and documented. Cumbersome paper-based quality management systems are replaced by automated data processing, permitting a higher level of accuracy and real-time information at the push of a button.

Managers are provided with a superior degree of transparency, knowledge and control. Employees at all organizational levels receive the necessary training and are supported with relevant task information, schedules and procedures.

  • Fully compliant with all standard quality system requirements to optimize quality management and HCCP
  • Automated audit trail mapping documentation of all activities with access to all quality information via one system
  • Improved operational efficiency

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