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Audixx is a comprehensive service tool that provides a very detailed and useful view into Food and Beverage plant operations, identifying deviations and gaps in good hygiene practice and establishing a first level plan for corrective action.

Using Ecolab’s mobile Audixx technology, a survey can be executed at your plant. The Audixx results provide not only a baseline to establish the current situation; they also allow you to generate Key Performance Indicators so that you can drive and monitor consistent improvements in personnel and plant hygiene. The final report will show your factory’s benchmark position within your industry sector and, if required, within a group. The software may also be used as a self-assessment tool for the relevant hygiene sections of several food safety standards (IFS or BRC).

As your reliable partner, Ecolab can of course deliver the survey – and also ongoing, measurable improvements to your hygiene quality levels and performance standards.

Our services encompass:

  • Tailored analysis of your individual plant hygiene quality level
  • Identification of hygiene gaps and summary of analysis
  • Hygiene Solutions delivering quality level and performance improvements

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