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Hand and Skin Care

Ecolab’s formulas for hand disinfectants, hand and body washes, skin care lotions, and skin antiseptics meet the demands of today’s diverse hand and skin care market needs. Different formulas accommodate different needs: demands of frequency and convenience, variability of skin type and special requirements of high risk areas and individuals. Our hand and skin products are easy to use and well-accepted by staff. With high staff acceptance, you will experience greater compliance with hand and skin hygiene protocols, helping to reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination.

We also offer a full range of hand disinfectants, all of them providing rapid, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, emollient-based hand care and a convenient variety of sizes and formats. You may also select the antimicrobial profile, product form or emollient type and level which best suits your respective practices.

All Ecolab hand disinfectants meet the requirements for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Our products are outstandingly effective at very short contact times, ensuring that disinfection standards are maintained even when time is limited in pressure situations.

For frequent use, moreover, our emollient systems in all formulas protect the skin reliably from drying out, and our wall dispensers provide for the most precise and economic dosing.

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