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Bottle Washing

Today’s consumer- and brand-driven Beverage market requires a high level of consistency in quality and taste, extensions in shelf life and attractively packaged and priced products. Producers are challenged to offer diversification in order to differentiate and grow market share. This highly competitive environment does not provide room for mistakes. Even the slightest hygiene inaccuracy during the filling process may jeopardize the brand reputation and safety of the product.

Ecolab’s long-standing expertise in this area can help reduce this risk to a minimum. We take this part of the filling process very seriously and support you with tailored programs for the Bottling Hall. Here, the different materials used require line-specific solutions – to clean and disinfect the packaging, to extend bottle life for returnable packaging and to reduce waste caused by scuffing and breakage. Ecolab also designs bespoke solutions to address operational cost issues such as Water and Energy Management, Chemical Usage and Storage and Effluent Treatment.


Efficient Bottle Cleaning

Process Optimization in Bottle Washing

Post-wash Coating

Bottle Recycling



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