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Mastitis prevention

Mastitis is a widespread disease that causes inflammation of the udder and consequently reduces milk yield, quality and price. Mastitis costs the world’s dairy farmers billions of Euros every year. Optimal Udder Hygiene and Environmental Hygiene is the most efficient way of preventing Mastitis. As the world leader in veterinary hygiene, Ecolab continues to innovate in this area and offers a comprehensive Mastitis prevention program.

The primary goal of modern livestock farming is maximising the relationship between animal health, optimal productivity and food safety. Today’s farmers are confronted with increasingly demanding regulatory constraints with respect to food safety and animal welfare and with ever increasing costs, in particular animal feed and medication expenses. Good Agricultural Practices advocate Preventative Veterinary Hygiene to augment the economical and environmental sustainability of modern farming.

Ecolab offers superior veterinary hygiene solutions that address animal health, animal welfare and food safety needs in an effective, efficient and economical way.

Lameness prevention

Hoof lameness affects the majority of dairy herds and has significant detrimental effects on animal welfare, fertility, yield and curative veterinary expenses. Lameness is one of the three main factors of involuntary or premature culling of dairy cows. Treatment is often time-consuming, complex and costly. As with Mastitis, prevention is clearly better and more economical than cure, and it is exactly here where Ecolab has developed unique, modern solutions that are user-friendly and environmentally sound.

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